Materialise Guided Surgery

“SimPlant implant treatment planning software
gives us three”
* The width and density of your jawbone
* The exact location of neighboring tooth roots
* The location of the nerves

With this precise information, we can start planning the ideal location for your implants, reach the best Outcome and show you how your new teeth will look. Know every detail in advance.

Know every detail in advance
We can “virtually” prepare your treatment to the greatest detail; you will receive a much safer and more comfortable treatment. With SimPlant dental implant planning software and SurgiGuide dental drill guides, freehand implant dentistry becomes a thing of the past.
A personalized SurgiGuide dental drill guide is our link between implant planning and actual treatment. It makes sure that the procedure is performed according to the plan. A SurgiGuide dental drill guide fits in your mouth with unparalleled precision during implant treatment.

Painless to you and your wallet!
* Your gums can often be left intact for faster healing
* Avoids expensive and time-consuming follow-up visits
You can have….a new smile as soon as you’ve had your treatment!